About us


We - this means:

Richard Gasner, 1950, architect with office at Maienfeld and Bad Ragaz, motorbikes are my favourite hobby, I'm a marksman with passion - and certainly I love cats.

Elisabeth Gasner, 1954, headmistress marketing Ostschweiz at UBS at Chur. My hobbys are drawing and painting, everything around my garden - flowers and vegetables - and... most of my free time belongs to the cats.

Everything started at October 1991:

Our householdcat Munky died in case of an car accident. After this bad experiance we've decided to get a cat staying inside. On a cat-magazine we found the adress of family Brechbühl at Mönchaltorf. After a visit at November 1991, U'Melissa von Silberweid moved in. Later we've decided to take a second cat (as compagnon for Melissa) and so the breeder allowed us to have one litter under the catteryname "von Silberweid" ourselves.

The breeder of "von Silberweid" - Solveig Brechbühl - was very very helpful; she gave us a lot of support and aid during the years. Because of this we had an excellent start into our own breeding. Solveig Brechbühl gave us a lot of help - in every case... for cat-shows or breeding... So thank you very much, Solveig!

Our cattery-name "von Nidaors" comes out of our favourite land - Norway! The "old" name of Tronnthheim was "Nidaros"; and "Nidaros" remindes me at "nido", too. "Nido" is coming out of the italian language and means "nest".


Richie & Galileo

Richie with Galileo & Garonne

Elisabeth & Jana

Elisabeth & Jana