The artist:

During my schooltime I love to paint and draw; but just at 1990 I've started to take lessons in art. Since 1994 I regular take part at drawings lessons at Hardy Hemmi, a swiss drawing teatcher at Chur.
Since 1995 I take lessons in waterpainting, indian ink and calligraphy at Mrs Eveline Engler, a swiss drawing teatcher and great artist.


The themes:

Cats are my big love - because of this they are my favourite theme; but certainly I like to draw people and landscapes, too.

The techniques:

I use everything - waterpainting, arcyl, pastel, chalk, indian ink, coloured pencil or simply pencil.

To become a good artist it's like everything in life *smile* - to practise and to train is everything!

If you have some nice themes - I'm always thankful!

Here I'm presenting some of my paintings - but please respect my copyright!!
If you are interested in one of my paintings, please send me a email.