Here we are presenting some pictures of our cats - and of some situations in life *smile*; so we hope you enjoy them.

- all pictures could be enlarged by a click on them -


three lucky mothers

young and curious

colour on colour

please... look for the bird!

"shrimps, please!!"

Siesta at the window

"I'm afraid he is eating me!!"

A little kiss from Daddy

It's nice to sleep into the green

What's going on there??

It's all for my beauty!

on the balcony

I'm watching you...

cuddeling together

faithful eyes!



to play together is great


Love is... cuddeling together!

Love is... to stay together in hard times...

Love is... if uncle is taking care of his nephew

3 mothers and 11 kitten - it's wonderful!

can I eat this??

Silver in double

First anniversary

Kashra the "Beauty"

Logo "von Nidaros" - the original